Membership: Join Our Cause!

The FraudDefense Coalition was created to promote fraud prevention and increase financial literacy for the public with educational classes, workshops and other innovative education and outreach programs (such as the USF Internship Program, the Fraud Clinic and Hotline, Publications, Marketing Campaigns, and more). It is part of the InvestDefense Investigation Agency and Research Lab that conducts financial fraud investigations and research at the University of South Florida.

The Coalition exists by establishing relationships and partnerships with local leading companies that collaborate with us in any of the ways they choose: Sponsoring any or all of our programs, classes, seminars, and workshops; providing their subject-matter experts to participate in the classes; sponsoring an educational awareness campaign; funding new initiatives; sponsoring any of the other outreach programs being developed, and more.  All with the primary goal of increasing the public’s awareness about preventing fraud and making good financial choices.

By continuously developing new and innovative programs aimed at increasing financial literacy and fraud prevention, we can help steer people away from all the false promises of dangerous persistent scams and frauds, and instead point them towards real, actionable, practical, and research-based financial solutions. For our collaborating sponsor companies, it’s a great way to reach new audiences, engage new and current clients, solidify their reputation and support for professional integrity, and spotlight their brand alongside a phenomenal cause.

Why Support The FraudDefense Coalition:

By becoming a member, your name will be highlighted as a leader in the community, displayed prominently alongside our community outreach, awareness and education programs aimed at eradicating fraud and educating everyone on making sound financial decisions.  You will also be supporting all our financial and fraud prevention efforts, initiatives, research and investigations, based at the University of South Florida.

Membership Benefits Available (as applicable based on your membership tier and specific event sponsored):

  • Announcement Press Release of your joining the FraudDefense Coalition
  • Your logo on our website
  • During Classes, Workshops, and Events:
    • Your logo on promotional banner
    • Your promo materials on table
    • Your expert/representative taking part in class
    • Your expert/representative providing post-event promotion
  •  Promotion for Classes, Workshops, and Events:
    • Your logo in advertising (ads, mailers, emails)
  • Our emails to our public email list
  • Our newsletters, bulletins, and other electronic publications
  • Our mailed newsletters, bulletins, and other paper publications
  • Your logo in our project videos
  • Interview videos with your experts/representatives
  • Your use of our logo in  your promotional materials (must be coordinated)
  • Other customized opportunities available

Membership Requirements:

  1. Yearly Membership Donation (required) – Membership is required in order to participate in any program.  Select between Gold, Silver, or Bronze tier membership to determine placement and priority.
  2. Event Sponsorship Budget-Fee – You decide which event, program, or activity to sponsor and collaborate with.  Based on that event’s goals, a budget will be established and your specific sponsorship fee will be determined and allocated towards that event.

Gold Membership

Most prominent, X-Large placement in marketing materials

1st Priority to select events in which to collaborate/participate

Longest available interaction time with audiences (ie 3x Bronze time)

1st ‘Top of the List’ priority in referral programs

All Branding displayed/available during all events

Silver Membership

Standard placement in marketing materials                                                             .

2nd priority to select events in which to collaborate/participate

2nd longest interaction time with audiences (ie 2x Bronze time)

2nd highest priority in referral programs

Some Branding displayed/available during some events

Bronze Membership

Small placement in marketing materials                                                                      .

3rd Priority to select events in which to collaborate/participate

3rd longest available interaction time with audiences (ie 1/3x Gold time)

Lower priority in referral programs

Less Branding displayed/available during less events

Current Sponsorship Events and OpportunitiesContact Us For More Information

FraudDefense Coalition

-Branding on our Website
-Congratulatory introuduction Press Release
-Branding during Coalition events
-Branding in advertising, media and promotional materials

Financial Education: Classes & Workshops

-Your branding in class announcement, advertising and promotional materials
-Your branding displayed during classes and workshops
-Your experts participating (featured speaker, interview, Q+A sessions, etc.)
-Table setup for your promotional materials
-Post-event consultations, meet and greet with audience

Fraud Clinic & Hotline

-Named headline sponsorship
-Branding in advertising and promotional materials
-Offer referral promotional materials to each visitor/caller
-Special offers, such as free consultation to each visitor/caller

USF Internship Program

-Named sponsorship of internship program
-Quarterly introduction press release
-Campaign launch advertising
-Mentions during media interviews
-Cross-training and engagement with interns, hiring pipeline

This Semester's Project: USF Internship Program

-This semester’s project:
-A “by students-for students” Financial Magazine (Financial advice, local discounts and offers for students, career advice, “best of” in the local area…)
-Branding on website and if budget allows, in printed edition and mobile app
-Advertising campaign and promo materials, such as Student Center and during student events

Publication: Fraud Alert & Bulletins

-Send out direct mailers to households warning them of emerging frauds and scams in local area and prevention methods

Topic-Specific Marketing Campaign

-Choose a specific financial literacy or fraud prevention topic or subject, we develop a specific media campaign and outreach program about it

Custom Designed Financial Literacy and/or Fraud Prevention Program

-Based on your organization’s specific goals and objectives, we design an innovative program, initiative or campaign around that those goals and objectives

Benefits: 1 of 3

  • Support Our Mission: Eradicate Fraud  
    • Fraud is not going away; it is a problem that is only getting exponentially worse
    • Technology today enables Fraud to be the most sophisticated ever in history
  • Demonstrate to your customers you are taking proactive action ‘in the fight’!
    • Let them know you care about their safety and security
    • Market your organization as a community leader
  • Engage new customers in new ways
    • You can decide what programs to support and collaborate with
  • Develop the leaders of tomorrow
    • Support student-internship programs to gain extensive hands-on experiences
  • The InvestDefense Network is a formidable modern weapon against fraud
    • Founded by FBI Agents at the University of South Florida, deploying specialized expertise & resources

Benefits: 2 of 3

  • Supporting Educational Programs – Seminars, Classes, Workshops
    • Unbiased, fraud specialist Investigation Agency & Research Lab as event organizer
    • University of South Florida educational national recognition
    • Goodwill cause to support and attach brand name awareness to
    • Businesses’ experts/staff as collaborators and participants
    • Educational value-driven marketing opportunity, not perceived as another sales pitch
  • Supporting USF Internship Program
    • Helping develop business leaders of tomorrow
    • Giving student-interns unique specialized hands-on experience
    • Giving student-interns specialized training and expertise
    • Pipeline to hiring from our distinguished pool future interns/employees with formidable experiences
    • Joint training and collaboration alliance with businesses’ programs

Benefits: 3 of 3

  • Supporting Fraud Prevention and Financial Literacy
    • Differentiate yourself as a leader in a worthwhile campaign
    • Prevent spread of fraud
    • Increase public’s financial literacy
    • Support specific fraud prevention initiatives
    • Showing customers you care, attaching your brand name to cause
    • Develop new ways to educate and grab public attention
    • Reaching out to new customers
    • Solidifying your good actions to current customers
    • Developing whole new approaches to defeating fraud
    • New potential marketing opportunities
    • Gain direct feedback from consumers
    • Research and develop new concepts/products/services
    • Develop new networks and partnerships