Financial Literacy, Education and Fraud Prevention Programs

Located at the University of South Florida, we are a collaborative partnership organization to create and develop innovative fraud prevention and financial literacy education programs for the public.

USF Internship Program

Student-Entrepreneur Interns develop an innovative financial education and fraud prevention campaign every semester.

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Classes and Workshops

Financial Literacy and Fraud Prevention Educational Classes, Seminars, Workshops, and more…

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Innovative Initiatives

Ongoing programs and community events to bring actionable strategies, raise awareness, collaboration and outreach.

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our programs

USF Internship

Student-Entrepreneurs develop an innovative financial literacy and fraud prevention education campaign, gaining a unique hands-on experience with financial and fraud subjects, research, and entrepreneurship

Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops aimed at specific financial and fraud-related subjects to increase financial literacy and fraud prevention education

In collaboration with financial professionals, faculty, and other experts

"Fraud Clinic"

A dedicated center where the public can go to be provided warnings, red flags, and items of interest related to a solicitation for a possible fraudulent scheme, and avoid becoming a victim of fraud

Community Outreach and Initiatives

Innovative initiatives, development of programs, and concepts aimed at raising awareness about financial and fraud education

Fraud News & Alerts

Public bulletins, alerts, newsletters, mailers and other materials spotlighting current scams, fraud trends, financial items of interest, and other publications related to financial education and fraud prevention

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Other programs and initiatives aimed at fraud prevention, financial literacy, and more…

an innovation center to create, develop, and launch programs.
one goal:increase financial literacy and fraud prevention

Program Spotlight: The USF Internship Program

Every academic semester, a select group of leading Student-Entrepreneurs from the University of South Florida, receive specialized training on the realities of fraud, then accept the challenge of creating and developing an innovative financial education program aimed at increasing financial literacy and fraud prevention.

fraud clinic
before you become a victim

Have you been offered a suspicious opportunity?  Did you receive a questionable phone call or letter?  Are you being asked to make a payment for a mysterious reason?  Have you been threatened to wire money to a foreign account?

Before you take part in a possible scheme or lose money to a fraud, come by the Fraud Clinic at the University of South Florida and let us give you a fresh perspective.

Opening Soon!  Contact Us for more information:

fraud today is the most sophisticated ever in history
growing and spreading uncontrollably like a virus
it is time to stand up and say enough!

courses & workshops

FraudScience Courses – Essential tools to protect and defend yourself

  • FraudScience 101: Basics of Fraud Prevention
  • FraudScience: A Fraudster Speaks:  “How I did it” and how to protect yourself
  • Identity Theft:  How one bad decision can turn into a disaster


InvestScience Courses – Practical, Actionable, Research-Based and Hard Truths in Investing

  • InvestScience: Investing 101 – The True Basics of Investing 
  • InvestScience: Real Estate 101 – Real Advice on Buying a Home
  • Investing 201 – A Real Introduction to the Markets
  • Real Estate 201 – True Real Estate Investing – What the ‘Get Rich’ Seminars won’t tell you
  • College Money 101:  Hands-on financial workshop for current students

a commitment
to eradicate fraud. once and for all...


outreach programs underway


partner organizations


student interns trained


initiatives started

our partners and collaborators

Thanks to prominent business leaders and distinguished organizations lending their expertise and support, we can help guide our community away from the false promises of fraud and towards real, actionable, research-based financial solutions.  

Thank you!

Our programs help develop the business leaders of tomorrow, and provide our community the tools to rise above.

If your organization wants to distinguish itself as a leader in the community, join our efforts today:

education is the key.
helping everyone avoid fraud and scams
before they become victims.

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